GeniusCast with Scott and Mike

Youhyun Dennis Kim Interview

October 18, 2015

Youhyun (that's Dennis to you) chats with Scott about seasons three and four of The Genius and provides tons of new information. Whose fault was the Jury Game criminals mishap? Is Dongmin really THAT good? What really happened in Loyalists and Rebels? How did Jinho get production to not use footage he didn't want on the show? All that and so, so, so much more in an action-packed 72 minutes of podcasting gold, so says Geniuscast. 

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DOM AND COLIN: As Dennis and I discussed, there's another excellent Genius podcast out there: "The Dom and Colin Podcast." (They talk about Survivor and Big Brother, too.) If you haven't already, check them out at http://
DEDUCTION and RACING STRIPE: The Kickstarter was funded, so thanks to all the backers! If you'd still like to check out these great games inspired by Black & White and Monorail, head to

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