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December 20, 2015

Hello Internet! You are about to embark on a magical journey through a South Korean celebrity reality game show called "The Genius." You've heard all about it from The Dom and Colin Podcast, the RHAP preview podcast with Myles Nye, or from some fantastic friend of yours who wants you to watch a great show and be happy. Your hosts (Scott and Mike) are tour guides on this series of spoiler free, episode-by-episode recaps.

In this episode, we'll explain the basics of the show, provide some context on how to find and enjoy it, and give a brief rundown of the 13 contestants vying to be the Season 1 winner.

A brief note: We covered Season 4 with weekly recaps as it aired. Those are in this podcast feed, but DO NOT listen to our Season 4 podcasts until you've watched up through those respective episodes. They contain massive spoilers for seasons 1, 2 and 3.

Season 1 episode recap podcasts (of which this is the first one) will NOT contain ANY spoilers beyond the episode being recapped. As this is the preview podcast, it contains zero spoilers of any kind.

Only listen to recaps for episodes you've seen and you'll be able to enjoy the show unspoiled.

Don't forget to Tweet us your questions: @WhoIsScottGreen and @MichaelBotta. We'll address them on the podcast.

When you're ready, your Genius journey begins with Episode 1 of Season 1, all of which is posted on YouTube:

After you've watched it, be on the lookout for our Episode 1 recap, coming soon to this podcast feed.

Two other helpful links: this cheat sheet with contestant photos from the great @AngieCaunce:

Episode-by-episode threads on The Genius subreddit:

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