GeniusCast with Scott and Mike

Season 4, Episode 11 - Nothin’ funnier than Ryu Seungbum face (with Kos Kosdrosky)

September 10, 2015

Scott misses hours 29 and 30 of his newborn daughter's life to join Mike and special guest Kos Kosdrosky to break down How Much. Why wasn't this a great final three main match? Where are the snowglobes going next week? Is pooing in school enough to make one a Korean comedy icon? PLUS: pledge Scott's Kickstarter for card games Deduction and Racing Stripe, which you can use to play the Black & White and Monorail death matches at home. The Deduction cards are specially designed to be self-reading, which means you don't need Dealer Nuna (although no harm if she wants to hang out with you). Learn all about it at

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