Main Match Gamescast Part 1 (With Myles Nye)

October 4, 2015

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Myles Nye joins Scott to talk about all the main matches from season one, plus Food Chain in season two. How do the games stack up in the context of four seasons of the show? Which were absolute failures? And which would be great to play at home? 

Death Match Gamescast (with Ian Terry)

September 26, 2015
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There have been 23 distinct death matches in the history of The Genius, and Scott and special guest Ian Terry break them all down. What worked, what didn't, what's a winning strategy, and how can you play them at home? Plus we'll name the very worst and very best of all the death matches in the show's history.


Season 4, Episode 12 - *******ation

September 22, 2015

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This week Scott and Mike (and absolutely no one else, for a change) break down the season finale of the Grand Final season of The Genius. Why'd the snowglobes get distributed as they did? How does Stratego experience translate to Number Janggi success? And when it comes to more seasons, why does Bandage Hyung say "no" when our hearts say "yes"?

Season 4, Episode 11 - Nothin’ funnier than Ryu Seungbum face (with Kos Kosdrosky)

September 10, 2015

Scott misses hours 29 and 30 of his newborn daughter's life to join Mike and special guest Kos Kosdrosky to break down How Much. Why wasn't this a great final three main match? Where are the snowglobes going next week? Is pooing in school enough to make one a Korean comedy icon? PLUS: pledge Scott's Kickstarter for card games Deduction and Racing Stripe, which you can use to play the Black & White and Monorail death matches at home. The Deduction cards are specially designed to be self-reading, which means you don't need Dealer Nuna (although no harm if she wants to hang out with you). Learn all about it at


Season 4, Episode 10 - Blame the producers (with Angie Caunce)

September 3, 2015

Mike is busy arranging matchsticks into regular triangles for work, so Angie Caunce joins Scott to break down Cooperative Hold'em. How can a poorly constructed main match lead to an exciting episode? Does anyone in production know what poker is? And where does Sandra Diaz-Twine fit into all of this?


Season 4, Episode 9 - We no longer care what a jiangshi is (with Shirin Oskooi)

August 27, 2015

Join Scott, Mike and special guest Shirin Oskooi as we talk all things Genius (and some things Survivor). Which horror race is the best horror race? Why did Jongbum have to leave after the credits? Who's taking care of Poong's fridge? And what does a certain Genius player have in common with the bad boys of Survivor 30? (Bad meaning literally bad.) All this and more, much, much more, in the tightest-produced two hour forty-five minute podcast you'll listen to all day, possibly.


Season 4, Episode 8 - Keep your balls hidden (with Ian Terry)

August 20, 2015

Join Scott, Mike and special guest Ian Terry as we talk Minus Auction II. Scott and Ian have played the at-home version of this game. How does the Genius version compare? How does the Genius version compare to the Genius version that was on season 2 of The Genius? Would Checkers make as good a death match as 12 Janggi? How would Victoria from BB16 do at Tactical Yutnori? We'll give you the definitive answers because we know all.


Season 4, Episode 7 - What kind of poker is this? (With Myles Nye)

August 14, 2015

Join Scott and Mike special guest Myles Nye as we figure out what the hell kind of poker Seed Poker is. Myles is a games guru - he's invented Survivor challenges and discovered The Genius before you did - so he's the perfect chinguya to break down a not-so-great main match and talk general Genius things. 


Season 4, Episode 6 - If at first you don’t succeed, spy, spy again

August 6, 2015

Join Scott and Mike as we break down Garnet Thief. How many spies does it take to win? Who's most likely to go the distance this season? Could we really have watched the episode, considering how little we seem to know about what happened? (Answers: two, exactly who you think, and, believe it or not, yes.)


Season 4, Episode 5 - The rebellion is quashed

August 2, 2015

Mike's back as Scott and Mike break down "Loyalists and Rebels." Why did Jungmoon share her knowledge of pi? Will Dongmin ever be wrong about anything? And how could the rebels have won the game, despite what seemed like an absurdly bad draw, even by Genius standards?